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Is your staff able to care for a resident with dementia?

Yes, we are very experienced with caring for residents that are forgetful and who suffer from different forms of dementia. Our program is designed to assist residents that suffer from an array of physical and mental health ailments and promote their independence. Our smaller environments allow us to focus in on the needs of each resident and support their individual goals.

What are the staffs’ credentials?

To become a caregiver at castle Home Care, one must pass through several state-mandated CBRF training workshops and a vigorous orientation process. We offer our staff an opportunity to advance their skill set and obtain a “Lead Caregiver” title for which we mandate our 1st shift caregivers to obtain.

Each location is overseen by an experienced manager to assist with daily operations to ensure resident satisfaction. We strongly emphasize the importance of continued education and ensure that each caregiver and manager obtain in-service trainings on a monthly basis by a professional trainer.

Each manager is then overseen by an experienced registered nurse, who is on-call 24/7, that leads the team in monitoring the well-being of each resident.

If my loved one becomes weaker or develops more medical concerns do we need to move to a different location?

Our team will first analyze what is causing the resident’s condition to change and then take measures to try to improve his/her health. If it is determined the resident’s condition will not improve then we will discuss supportive options with the family. In most cases the family wishes to bring in Hospice services to help provide end-of-life palliative care. In other cases, families chose to move the resident to a more skilled nursing environment. It is our goal to keep residents in the least restrictive environment to maintain their independence. We work closely with the residents, families, and physicians to accomplish our mission and improve overall quality of life.

How long is the lease agreement and do I have to pay an endowment fee prior to moving in?

The lease agreement is only a month-to-month agreement. We know how quickly things can change with family situations and we want to make any future changes hassle free.

Do you offer financial assistance such as Family Care when my loved one’s funds are depleted?

Yes, when a resident’s private funds have been diminished we will assist the family in enrolling into the state funding program. The resident will not have to move to a different location if they are accepted into the program.

What is the cost for room, board and care?

The cost varies depending on the location and the room that is available. We contract with state funded financial assistance programs to aid in the resident’s financial condition. Please contact us for more information.

Do we have to bring furniture or is it provided?

Each room is supplied fully furnished with a bed, linens, dresser, night stand, and bedside lamp. If the resident would like to bring his/her own furnishings to make it feel even more like home, we will be more than happy to make these arrangements.

What times can family and friends come to visit?

Our philosophy is that this environment is the resident’s home and we will respect the wishes of each resident. If the resident would like family to visit at a certain time, they are more than welcome. However, as a general recommendation we ask that family visit between 10am-8pm. Visits can be made 7 days per week.

Are the residents allowed to have their own pet?

Each location has a live-in pet to provide the residents with a loving companion. Residents are not allowed to have their own dog or cat in the home. However, the family may bring a dog to visit for a few hours with prior administrative approval.

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