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The Community Care Network of Castle Senior Living is a volunteer organization that’s been established as an extension to the already exceptional care that we at Castle Senior Living provide for our residents through our staff.

At Castle Senior Living, Inc. we provide a unique form of person centered care that strives to recognize each individual on a one-to-one basis in a home environment. We realize that providing the highest quality of care while meeting the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual requires a diverse group of people working together. Therefore, we desire to invite the community to work in cooperation with our staff as a team to meet and exceed our ambitions for our residents.

The way we accomplish this endeavor is through an organized collection of individuals who will share and bring their valuable resources of time, talent, and care into the homes (and at our day trips) as volunteers. In turn, we will strive to provide meaningful service opportunities that will enrich the lives of all who are involved! If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee, contact us via the link below.


Ways You Can Get Involved

Office Help

Help circulate volunteer brochures to local groups and institutions.

Help plan, organize & work at a fundraiser to raise monies for a day trip bus!

Health & Fitness

Help direct AM exercise groups (on DVD) and enhance an ordinary, everyday routine with a bright and sunny new face!

Share helpful information by leading a class on elder care related issues & topics.
(topics must have prior approval)

Holidays & Special Occasions

Help carry out scheduled activities for special holidays throughout the entire year!

Make cards or gift items for special occasions.

Help bring joy and excitement to a resident on their birthday by decorating the day before, or joining in on the fun the day of their party! Sing some special music, bring in a special treat (must meet safety guidelines) or presents for those celebrating.

Come alone, with a friend or a small group of 10 or less to sing old time favorites (anytime) or Christmas Carols in December.

Personalized Care

Do one on one or group manicures and pedicures.

Host a beauty workshop.

Be a reading companion: Take an adventure with a resident who enjoys being read to. Visit weekly or twice a month to read a favorite novel or book. Have a brief discussion after each visit to highlight thought
provoking or touching events in the story.

Life Story: Record and write down stories and memories about a resident’s life for them to share with family and friends.

Make decorations for rooms: examples would be flowers out of tissue paper or construction paper to brighten up a room or attach to wheelchairs, walkers or beds.

Adopt a Grandparent: There is a continuous need to welcome lonely, older adults into the lives of those who desire a connection as well. Visits can be devoted to sitting and chatting, enjoying a cup of tea, playing cards or sharing stories. Share celebrations of holidays, birthdays and other important life events together. Hear the interesting stories that a resident would like to tell and learn about each other’s lives. Talk about a good report, a promotion, a favorite recipe or a touchdown and bring the love of your own heart into their life. Visit weekly or two times per month for an hour or two.

Specialized Groups

Sponsor a class: If you have a special talent or knowledge that you would like to share, you can consider starting a class at one of the homes. Some examples would be cooking & baking, arts & crafts, indoor & outdoor gardening, poetry writing, ceramics, basket weaving, etc.

Start a book reading club! Pick a favorite novel or classic and read it to interested participants weekly, or twice a month. Share the reading with a friend who can come every other week if you cannot come each week.

Lead a newspaper group with topics of favorite discussion. Save up papers from a week or two of Dear
Abbey and have a group meet once a month to read and discuss them all!

Look at pictures and share funny stories.

Help facilitate a “Keeping the Connection” writing group to help residents stay connected to their family and friends.

Intergenerational activities of all types.


Facilitate Bingo, trivia, board or card games.

Musicians and Singers: Entertain and brighten the day for our residents! Share a performance or lead a sing-a-long. This is a good opportunity for individuals (youth or adults) and small groups of up to ten.

Highlight a talent of yours—do you juggle, pantomime, work with puppets, perform tricks or impersonate famous people? A unique gift of yours may be a great source of entertainment to others. Show us what you can do and we will find a place where you can showcase it.

Organize and host a barbecue, pizza night, ethnic food night or fast food night (must meet safety guidelines).

Perform a short play.

Bring your pet to visit (must meet safety guidelines).

Day Trip Escorts

Assist with wheel chair pushing, serving lunch or just being a helpful companion. This is an on-going opportunity as day trips are planned for many months throughout the year!

Our Volunteers In Action

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