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CBRF Medication Administration

This TWO-DAY training course covers a wide range of topics, all designed to provide the information and skills necessary to properly administer medications to those in your care. Some examples of these topics include; Resident Rights, Facility Policies and Procedures, Delegated Procedures, Medication Management, Medical Terms and Abbreviations, Medication Packaging, Labeling, and Storage, Types of Medications, and Medication Administration.

Group Discounts Please CONTACT US:

    • $5 off per student for same class registrations of 5-9 students
    • $10 off per student for same class registration of 10-14 students
    • $15 off per student for same class registration of 15 plus students
    • Note: Same class registration means, that all the students registered will be attending the same class on the same date.


All Training Academy Policies Can Be Found Here: View our policies here.

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