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A Smile to Remember

With our innovative approach to memory care, Castle Senior Living has created a dynamic program, called “A Smile to Remember,” enriching the lives of our residents. We want to change the way people think about dementia through our specialized education and exclusive training program. Providing a nurturing and safe environment, residents in our Memory Care communities can wander safely, feel comfortable and become engaged in activities. With over 25 years of experience, Castle Senior Living has become the leader in providing exceptional care to those with dementia.
The “Smile to Remember” program is Castle Senior Living’s unique approach to memory care. It was designed to keep residents smiling and enjoying life. Smiling is the universal sign for happiness. Even those with advanced dementia can reciprocate the feeling of a genuine smile. It can lower blood pressure, anxiety, and improve mood. Designed by our Dementia Care Practitioner and our team of medical experts, this program simplifies the way people think about dementia. It guides our staff to build healthy relationships, develop person-centered approaches, and nourish the resident’s needs.
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