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VIRTUAL – CBRF First Aid and Choking

After taking the CBRF First Aid and Choking course, you will know your role as an assisted living employee in an emergency. You will be able to provide basic first aid in emergencies until help arrives. You will understand how to and be able to alleviate choking. You will be able to identify different types of emergencies and what is the correct way to respond. Lastly, you will learn basic prevention methods to avoid emergency situations.

** Virtual class are conducted via ZOOM and ClassMarker Testing- ZOOM is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually to  meet with others via video and audio, along with live chats and screen sharing. ClassMarker Testing is a secure online testing software tool that provides custom web-based testing creation and proctor solutions for virtual web-based classes. Please see the Virtual Course Training Guide for more information.

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