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Assisted Living versus Skilled Nursing

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There are often questions or confusions between assisted living and skilled nursing.  Let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two.

A skilled nursing facility is often used after the patient has been in the hospital or had a rapid or quick decline in their health.  Most often, a stay in a skilled facility is usually shorter in term and is really focused on the rehabilitation of the patient. The intention for this patient is to return to the independance they experienced prior to needing the skilled facilities services.  However, for patients that require a higher level of care due to significant medical need or physical impairments; permanent placement is also available.  A skilled nursing facility has more of a hospital feel to it with shared rooms versus a homey feeling in assisted living facilities.

When we hear assisted living, the meaning is in the term itself.  Assisted living is simply providing assistance to individuals who need help with activities of daily living.  These are bathing, dressing, grooming, taking medications, and preparing meals. The help that is provided is one in a setting that is relaxed and homey in feeling.  This assistance is NOT intended to be temporary.  One of the great things about assisted living is the freedoms that remain intact for people to be able enjoy socializing, hobbies and still be able to set all their own schedules without the help of anyone.