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Dear friends:

At Castle Senior Living, the care, health and safety of our residents – and everyone else who walks through our doors – has always been our #1 priority. Nothing that happens will change that.

There have been many questions from families coming in to our Administrative team, so we thought it was best to inform everyone what steps we are taking to prevent and treat as needed for the spread of the Coronavirus. Castle will follow the respiratory guidelines from CDC and county Health Departments just like we do for the flu. We will continue our standard precaution measurements of hand washing per normal. If someone has the list of symptoms and/or side effects of coronavirus per guidelines such as fever, cough and  shortness of breath then they will be in isolation and testing done per guidelines and MD orders.

Here are some specific actions being taken:

  • Castle Senior Living facilities will have stations (hand sanitize/isolation equipment for visitors if needed) at the doors.
  • Signage may be posted if quarantine is needed on the entrances of each unit/building/public visitation area, etc. It all would depend on a true case of the virus occurs at a Castle Senior Living location and what the county Health Department would have us do.
  • We will work closely with the Health Department in each county to ensure that we are following CDC guidelines and procedures correctly.
  • There will be monitoring on infected residents and proper cleaning procedures done.
  • Meals will take place in rooms with Styrofoam containers being used, to be able to be thrown out.
  • During an outbreak no resident from hospital or outside community will be allowed to admit to an isolated facility. Everyone sent out to hospital/outside facility must be made aware that our building is on isolation, etc.
  • Staff will also be monitored for signs and symptoms with proper procedures taking place for them, including not being allowed to work in the facility.

You can always visit the guidelines from the CDC or from the Wisconsin DHS  which will explain everything in greater depth.

We continue to follow the CDC guidelines which states: “Visitation should be limited further to only those who are essential for the resident’s emotional well-being and care. The facility should send communications to families advising the COVID-19 has been identified in the community and re-emphasizing the importance of postponing visitation. Ideally, visits should be scheduled in advance during a limited number of hours. Any visitors (that are permitted after screening) will be restricted to their visit to the resident’s room.” Castle Senior Living will be limiting outside services for residents at all locations that can be postponed during this time. If any of our locations is put on a quarantine or has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, we will notify the POA’s and families of the situation.

We hope that this helps to ease everyone’s concerns at this time and will stay in communication with any updates or changes. As always, if you have additional questions please reach out.


The Castle Senior Living Administration Team

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