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Castle Senior Living Owner and Vice President, Kris Kiefer, was recently featured on Keil Financial Partners’ podcast “Retirement Revealed with Jeremy Keil.” While on the show Kris discusses “The 3 Biggest Advantages of Senior Living Communities” and how different types of communities fall on the continuum of care.

They also discuss how to find the best facility within your community, tips to take better care of your loved ones, and what senior living looks like post COVID-19.

Kris discusses:

  • What Medicare does (and does not) cover when it comes to senior living
  • The 3 C’s you must keep in mind when touring potential long-term care facilities
  • How community living instantly rekindles your social life
  • Why moving to care facilities can often be much safer than in-home care
  • Educational resources to help you become better at taking care of your loved ones
  • And more

Listen to the full podcast!