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Dear family and friends of Castle Senior Living,

We wanted to give you another quick update during this COVID-19 era we find ourselves in.

Castle Senior Living is extremely grateful that at this time, there are no positive cases of COVID-19 at any of our locations, this includes residents and staff.

We continue to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations as well as various other health agencies and partners. Thus, since the CDC’s recommendations came out recently, we are mandating that all staff wear a cloth face mask while working within the facility to increase preventive measures.

Families and friends have asked us how they can help out. Right now, we are asking for help in supplying additional face masks for our staff. If you have access to any masks, or have the ability to make masks, we would appreciate you donating some to Castle Senior Living. While we have a supply of masks, we also want to be well-prepared in the event that any shortages arise in the coming weeks.

Your help and understanding during this difficult time is appreciated. As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a video call with your loved one, please reach out to your facility administrator.

Finally, another special shout-out to our hardworking staff and all healthcare workers. They continue to amaze us with their heart and willingness to do so much during this difficult time.

To receive more details about donating face masks, please contact your facility administrator or email

Please visit for more details on home-made face masks.

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