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With the expansion of Birchrock Castle finishing up soon and the Grand Opening likely occurring at the end of August, we are thrilled to be able to start accepting reservations. We sat down with Castle Senior Living’s Candy Mings to find out more. Candy is the Executive Director at Birchrock Castle.

What are you most excited about with this expansion at the Birchrock Castle Community?
We now have the opportunity to offer care to more seniors. There’s such an incredible atmosphere here at Birchrock Castle. It’s the most special place I’ve ever worked. Our team is dedicated to bringing joy and excellent care to our residents. Now we can share that compassion and care with more people.

There is so much to love and appreciate about a new building – where do you start? Some of the apartments have kitchenettes and fabulous one-bedroom spaces. A wonderful amenity is the addition of patio doors so residents can access the outside and enjoy their own personal retreat.

When can those who are interested in Birchrock Castle begin applying for and reserving rooms?
Right now. People are already calling us about available spaces and asking questions about our waiting list and amenities. They’re visiting our website, where you’ll find an easy way to learn more about Birchrock Castle and paying a visit. If you reach out to us online it will circle back to me and I will contact you.

I spend a lot of time at Birchrock Castle. This place is a part of who I am, so I love picking up the phone and talking to people about their loved ones and their needs. A conversation also gives you the opportunity to know more about me. I was 19-years-old when I started working in this field as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), then as a nurse and now executive director with 30 years of experience in senior healthcare. I want people to understand that my skills and expertise can guide them on the journey to determine their loved ones’ needs and how we can meet them at Birchrock Castle. I will provide all of the ways we can help.

Why do you enjoy working at Castle Senior Living?
I remain dedicated to Castle Senior Living because I love working for a family-owned company. Kevin and Kris Kiefer’s vision is to deliver the best care possible to our residents. But they also focus on making caregivers feel important and cared for; that we are accomplishing great things together and are part of the team. I’ve never encountered that dual focus on the job before. Of course, the residents come first, but if you maintain a great staff, you will have great care.

We’ve grown into a family at Birchrock Castle – with a mutual love and respect between the care staff and residents. It may sound corny, but we enjoy each other. Healthcare can be a difficult field to work in every day and especially over a length of years. My staff laughs with the residents. We support one another and we get through the day. There’s a teamwork atmosphere. If someone is sick or running late, I have people willing to fill in or stay on shift longer. Someone has your back and supports you here. I don’t take that for granted. I have an open-door policy and believe in communicating with my team. There are no bad questions in my book. I love to teach and listen. My employees are my eyes and ears in this place. I am happy to hear their ideas and incorporate what we can do to improve.

What is it about Mukwonago that led Castle to expand there?
I’ve been with Birchrock Castle for almost four years now and in that time the Village of Mukwonago has grown exponentially – everything from hospital expansions, apartment complexes and subdivisions under construction. With that growth comes the need for us to add to our space and meet the demands of this thriving community.

What do you enjoy most about the Mukwonago area?
We are located in a neighborhood, which supports a homelike feel in the surroundings. The wetlands are right behind Birchrock Castle, with a great view of nature. When people take tours here, many choose us for their next home because they like how we make them feel. This community is filled with hard-working, everyday people. There’s a lot of pride in being able to experience compassionate care in their hometown.

How are the current residents feeling about the major changes to their home?
We’ve been in the throes of construction for many months, of course, but the overall vibe here is excitement. Our residents watch the construction process, keeping tabs on where the workers are digging, building and the various machines that make it all possible. It’s especially entertaining for the men, though some of the women have shared their thoughts on how the project should be carried out. It’s incredibly fun to watch the expansion unfold and we’re all looking forward to the grand opening.